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Marketing Trends for 2020 based on Websummit

Written by luciafallavena

On January 10, 2020

What does Web Summit have to say about marketing trends in 2020?

As Marketing becomes extremely saturated, finding our way out of the noise and being different is a must. Who Runs The Words attended the Websummit, the best technology conference on the planet by Forbes to check out the marketing trends that will dominate 2020.

#1) Mobile is eating the world – but that’s not necessarily good for your brand

If attention is really the asset we are all after as marketers – then we have to understand the increasing numbers of mobile.

@Mada Seghete, the co-founder of Branch, just showed that not only the daily hours we spend on mobile increased but also in 2019 mobile finally exceeded the TV, increased its share on e-commerce (67,2%).

The Future Marketing Trends 2020

The image above that shows why this is so important: apps have 3x more engagement than the web, and app traffic is growing faster than mWeb and desktop traffic, closing the gap to the top platform.

➡️ But why the growth of mobile is not necessarily good for brands?

Because the discovery in apps is broken. And that means that while on the web you are able to have non-intent based discovery (picture), for mobile, Google doesn’t show app content, and Apple can’t rank the content they have – and those are challenging points for brands.

How can you get ready for these marketing trends?

#1) Concentrate, have one fortress.

 Find the one platform where you will have the most control of your user. (Don’t forget to spread it among others, though, as we know relying on only one channel may be dangerous due to the uncertainty of platforms in the future.

#2) Focus on mobile-conversions based on motivation x ability. 

Remember that as higher the motivation, the better the chances to get a new customer. But in case the consumer’s journey through your platform is not optimized and his experience is not easy, the smaller the chances you will convert them.

#2) Use Emotional AI & Machine Learning to put the consumer in control.

without a doubt, AI and Machine Learning are marketing trends very promising for the upcoming years.

We trust that especially when we see big corporations using it on a daily basis, such as JP Morgan.

Kristin Lemkau, JP’s CMO, was one among many marketers who explicitly affirmed the huge help given by machine learning to their business., they are increasing not only signups, open rate, engagement, retention, but also home loans through machine learning.

No alt text provided for this image

The image above shows that by only replacing the CTA and improving the offer description, their sign-up form got a 40% increase.

They called it emotional AI and besides analyzing data, its function is pretty clear: empowering the user and improving any communication that does not follow the context and make it always sound like the consumer’s choice.

#3) If the funnel is dead and content became a commodity, personalization will be the new marketing

We already know the funnel is dead (or at least we are not using it at its best potential).

The new buyer’s journey is very, very chaotic. And one of the reasons that brands and marketers fail on connecting with the customers is the incredible lack of personalization they have (leave alone the self-serving communication brands are still using, without trying to put effort into building a true conversation with customers based on their interests).

Marketing is turning into a game of personalization. Marketing trends will gravitate toward making it happen.

No alt text provided for this image

A great example was given by Amazon’s CTO, they became a tech company by implementing machine learning along with their whole operation, including Marketing efforts.

Their level of sophistication in understanding consumer behavior even brought a 20% increase in how Alexa understands and answers customers.


✔️You’ll see a big push for all these trends in 2020.

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