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Marketing in Times of Coronavirus – A Quick Guide

Written by luciafallavena

On March 20, 2020

More than never, marketing based on coronavirus requires empathy.

But how can you make the most of it as a business?

1) Invest in marketing about coronavirus, but make it genuine.

Marketing in times of coronavirus is not about hiding. Sending a generic communication is not going to do any good for your brand, so avoid emails such as “this is our updated on COVID-19”.

If you want to say something, put your face out there. This will be a massive difference for those who will be read and not ignored. Send an email saying how your company is going to deal with this tough moment.

Have your CEO to write an authentic message or record him: no one is going to get upset about getting that email, such as TripAdvisor did:

2) Should I advertise my product and make the most of this time?

If your product is anyhow correlated to technology, healthcare or any field connected to coronavirus and its implications, yes, I would definitely say to carry on a marketing campaign taking on account empathy, Digital Psychology and being always sensitive to your surroundings.

However, do think about what type of discount you are going to offer.

The secret for the best % of discount? The one that makes you uncomfortable.

Yes, I am talking about 50%, 80%. Beware that 10 or 20% or less will sound opportunistic. You will have to be losing money anyway. If you can’t do that, this is not the time to be promoting 5% or 10%.

3) This is not the right time to cause fear or panic – watch out for your brand tone!

Marketing should always be done based on benefits, and the value you bring to someone. We have to be honest though: many marketers lack the skills to really bring this approach up when marketing anything.

On the other hand, that could not exist a better timing to use your true tone of voice out there. Even Neil Patel already brought up that organic traffic is down in most industries, and businesses are going to suffer for a while.

Avoid being too commercial, corporative or formal. This is the time to be empathetic and incredibly honest.

Let’s say you decided to interact with your clients. Be honest and write something like ” we debated a lot sending or no this email for you. I just wanted to make sure you (name) know we are available for you and our community”.

Ultimately, if you are doing something that is useful to people, say that straightaway.

Don’t forget that because everyone is doing something, it does NOT mean you have to follow them. Think about your own situation, and if you do decide to send emails or anything, be honest and empathetic.

Hope this article helped you a lot! Leave a comment if you have any doubts about it 🙂

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